Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beginning to hunker down

The skies have been spitting tiny ice crystals for the past few days and today was the first white substance and accumulation. Unfortunately it is no winter wonderland (yet). In fact, today is pretty yucky and blah. Observe:

Urgh. Cold and wet. How unappealing is that?


Handpainted sockyarn from Mountain Colors. Bearfoot: 60% superwash wool, 25% Mohair, 15% Nylon, 110% not dreary.
Currently being knit into Spring Forward socks (link to Knitty pattern)

There, that's much better. The snow is even clinging to it in a desperate grab for some zing!

I enjoy winter. It is a time for bundling up, eating seasonal goodies, and preparing for the the holidays.

It is a time for watching where you step on the slippery, inclined wheelchair ramp to the dorm.

Consumption of soup, hot chocolate, and pumpkin pie increase. I find my knitting instincts ramp up and I start building the Stash, surfing patterns, and trying to finish more projects. At dinner last night Cory suggested knitting a cocoon for hibernation; this is a good idea.

I also find that during the winter my affection for a person is directly correlated to the number of fingers I am willing to knit for him or her.

Knucks (Knitty link) for my Grandma with a Luckenbooth cable pattern from Girl from Auntie

Because holy geeze, fingers are fiddly little buggers.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Make it so

I love that I can take a pair of these:

Choose your weapon!

lengths of this:

King Tut Cotton, mummy not included

seasons of this:

Star Trek property of CBS Studios
to get:

Mmmm....yarny goodness.