Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happiness is....

Sometimes happiness is matching socks to your outfit...

And then discovering how to use the timer on the camera so you can take pictures of the combination.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happiness is....

Sometimes happiness is taking your knitting out for day trips.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happiness is...

Sometimes happiness is the imprint of your FO in the snow.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Impending DOOM

Last year, the delightful Bethany graduated from college. She walked across the stage in an absolutely stunning version of Laminaria. I think a graduation shawl is a fabulous idea, so I have started knitting one of my own. It is a simple pattern from Victorian Lace Today in some squooshy merino lace yarn.

Right now it is half-finished and looks like pink, scrunchy chaos, but posesses hints of a pattern that will hopefully be beautiful when finished. It's a pretty good metaphor for my life right now as I try to frantically knit the future together so my life after college is a sucessful endevour I can be proud to show off and not a hopless knotted mess full of curses and woe.

k1 breath in p1 breath out k1 breath in p1 breath out

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Knitting Olympics

Though I was on the fence about participating in Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics because of my tight schedule, at the last minute I decided to go for it. I didn't pick out a new project, but decided to buckle down and finish up projects on my needles that were for other people so I could cast on new things. Despite my insanely busy school schedule, I finished on time! The goods:

Dead or Alive? seen here in the massive snow drifts that have taken up residence outside my house.
Alternating skeins of Noro Silk Garden with Cascade 220 accent.
Seanners is in charge of the eyes.

Socks for Seanners' birthday, which is actually near St. Patty's day so the color scheme is totally wrong. Leftovers from my superwash patriotic socks so now we have matching socks.

Another pair of socks for Betsy, my weaving teacher. 1.5 skeins of Universal Yarn, Ditto.


Next Knitting Olympics, I hope I am in a position where I can take on a crazy project like an entire sweater. For now, I am pleased to be passing these projects on to their intended owners and casting on new hats and shawls and socks and scarves and mitts....