Saturday, December 13, 2008


My classes have ended for the semester and it is officially Reading Period, when the college gives students a few days off to study for exams. I am very grateful for the extra time and spent today using the last of my free print quota to print a bunch of knitting patterns I have been stockpiling, updating my Ravelry account, casting-off the first of the Yellow Brick Road Knucks, and, in general, be productive knit-wise.

See the Yellow Brick Road? It will totally make more sense once I get the Emerald City embroidered on the ring finger.

As I was going through the old pictures on my digital camera, I came across this:

It is a post-it note with the measurements for my friend's hands so I may make her a pair of mittens. I do not know where the original post-it is.

It occurred to me that though I am traditionally very organized, my standards might be slipping. That I can not find my stapler I was using to staple patterns this morning does not help. I mean, how can you loose a hot pink stapler within a radius of ten feet? (I do not think I absent mindedly carried it down to the bathroom when I brushed my teeth...)

The fact that my most recent sock pattern was scribbled on a napkin that is being used as a bookmark for DuckTales does not bode well.

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