Saturday, November 28, 2009


While our for my nightly roam around the block for procastination purposes health and well being, I came across a single string on the sidewalk. It was dark, so I couldn't make out the color, but I could tell it was fingering weight. Intrigued, at first I tugged at it. There was no end in sight. I tugged a bit more, then walked for about five feet and reached down to give it another good tug. I mean, it has got to be attatched to something--lost mitten, teddy bear, secret doorway to an alternate universe, a knitting Hansel and Gretel, an angry groundhog? The possibilities are endless!

After convincing myself I really didn't need random sidewalk yarn (who knows where that sidewalk has been and isn't your stash large enough?), I walked on. But on my way back after giving my imagination time to stew about the exciting possibilities, I hunted down the loose end and started winding it around my fist. Given the possibility of satisfying my curiosity, I have a will with the strength of an over-cooked green bean from the school cafeteria.

Alas, I did not find anything attatched to the other end. When I put the yarn under the light, here is what I found.

An astonishingly purple/fuscia yarn. It's sort of squicky, so I'm pretty sure it's acrylic. I have no idea what I am going to do with it, but I collected a good amount of it and surely one of these days it will be good for something (diagnosis: packrat). Perhaps provisional cast on yarn?

Also, don't you think it's exciting I have figured out how to Photoshop my photos so my skin is no longer excessively yellow and jaundiced?
I got really excited last night when I thought I found another strand on the sidewalk a block away from where I found the original, but sadly it was only a stain on the sidewalk cleverly disguised as yarn.

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