Monday, March 8, 2010

Impending DOOM

Last year, the delightful Bethany graduated from college. She walked across the stage in an absolutely stunning version of Laminaria. I think a graduation shawl is a fabulous idea, so I have started knitting one of my own. It is a simple pattern from Victorian Lace Today in some squooshy merino lace yarn.

Right now it is half-finished and looks like pink, scrunchy chaos, but posesses hints of a pattern that will hopefully be beautiful when finished. It's a pretty good metaphor for my life right now as I try to frantically knit the future together so my life after college is a sucessful endevour I can be proud to show off and not a hopless knotted mess full of curses and woe.

k1 breath in p1 breath out k1 breath in p1 breath out

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bdraeger said...

Laminaria was seriously the most metaphoric thing I ever knit. I wandered around Oberlin and knit it in all my favorite places.

It looks beautiful. I hope you are having a lovely lovely March.