Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dmitry Darling

I love instant gratification projects. In a mere three days (you could do it in one if you didn't have responsibilities like classes or work or bodily functions like sleeping), I turned this:

Yarn brought back from Russia by the generous Bethany.

into this:

Though I take pleasure in the knitter's high that comes with a finished project and its intended recipient, Mother Russia, was in desperate need of a hat....I wouldn't have minded if this one had lasted longer. I was not ready to cast off when the time came. I was charmed by the coppery beads. I was enthralled by the yarn.

This yarn is enchanting. Gorgeous. I took knitting breaks to pet the fabric it made, which is soft, squooshy and quite possibly has little bits of the Divine woven into it. In a moment of weakness I briefly regretted the hat was destined for another head than mine, but I quickly came to my senses since winter has finally settled in for the long-haul, has horribly cold breath, and Natalie is hatless. As a knitter, I can and must fix this.

Fortunately I have enough yarn left over for a little pancake of a fiber pet.

I will pet it and snuggle it and call it Dmitry Darling.

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You are such a wonderful writer!