Friday, March 6, 2009

Knitting in Classes

I used to get to class a few minutes early and get a few rows in before the professor arrived and the intellectual excitement started. It was motivation to get to class early and it gave me small knitting breaks throughout the day. Even though I have just enough brain capacity to knit and listen at the same time, I always tucked it away to be polite to the speaker, who I assumed was a non-knitter and wouldn't understand that I wasn't ignoring their lecture.

Then I started knitting through the opening announcements...

...through the extra-curricular lectures I attended for my own edification and edumacation...

....through my Calvin and Hobbes Exco...

...through the lectures of the class I was auditing...

....and now I knit with wild abandon through every class that I can.

I have discovered it can help me pay attention during lecture, especially a lecture that doesn't require me to take a lot of notes but requires a lot of listening. I work on my dummy knitting, usually a sock, and it keeps my hands occupied and my body still so my brain stops roaming and focuses on the discussion at hand. I have yet to encounter a professor that takes offense, and I find the risk of unintentional rudeness is a worthwhile trade-off for the heightened engagement.

This week during classes I have finished the first of a pair of socks for my weaving teacher, who does not knit but loves handknit socks.

Online superwash sockyarn, size 2.25 mm needles, size 10 feet

For this pair of socks, I am trying to get over my subconscious fear of long cuffs and learn how to execute the short row heel. I love how the red and white has striped up. It makes for a particularly groovy toe.

Yes, I am easily entertained.

I am currently working on the cuff of its companion,

Seen here on a date with Louie, who likes hiking, skiing, and befriending burnt popcorn.

but have temporarily abandoned it for some fuzzy brown owl butts.

It'll make more visual sense once I knit the rest the owls, promise.

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Cory Ellen said...

I used to try not to knit in class. There are still some days when I don't, but I usually do because it keeps my brain engaged.

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