Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Awakening

I am super excited because of the GREEN!!

Daffodils! (probably...I will be able to say more once they have bloomed)

I took advantage of the sun and warmth and blue sky and sat out on the porch of the Student Union to finish turning the heel of Betsy second socks.

The rest of the student body emerged from the libraries to enjoy the weather too.

I have reached the point where I have started too many projects but haven't finished any of them, and it is making me anxious because I have so many things I want to knit. To remedy this, I have been making some extra time for my acorn scarf, which is a repeat and a half away from finishing.

The elusive acorn scarf (alpaca subspecies), seen here warming itself in the spring sun. This specimen is an adolescent that will soon reach maturity. It still have some growing up to do; pretty soon it will sprout a picot edge, become blocked, and withdraw from the world to hibernate in the scarf drawer for the summer.

Fortunately, spring break is fast approaching when I shall have ample travel and knitting time. Advantageous, because I will probably return from my adventures with souvenir sock yarn.

PS--I am listening to my first Lime and Violet podcast (#83). So far they not talked about knitting or yarn, but have been so entertaining with stories of exploding boobs and sea cows that I don't really mind.

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bdraeger said...

I've got some Lime and Violet podcasts downloaded, but I've not gotten around to listening to them yet...

Have you listened to Stash & Burn? ;)