Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happiness is...

Sometimes happiness be when I ask The Pirate "Yaarr me hearty, this here dead fish hat from Knitty is the funniest thing this side o' the poop deck. Would ye perch one atop yer head? What say ye?" And he says "Aye, me wench, tis indeed a grand hat! Not only would I don one for meself to keep me ears from the cold gales, but I would don matchin' rottin' fish if ye made one for yerself too!'

The first of a pair, washed ashore several months ago with a festive pumpkin.

And then we wear them around campus even if we do look a bit squiffy. Yaaar!

1 comment:

bdraeger said...


I want to come to Oberlin to see you both wearing matching fishly headwear!!