Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Merrily we motor along

Miralda motors along as fast as any 300+ stitch lace project knit in my spare time can.  The first few rows kicked my butt there and back because I'd forgotten the concentration it takes to read charts and how out of practice I am; I improvise/wing so much of my knitting that I have an easier time reading the pattern on an actual finished shawl.  Also?  Counting to 3 multiple times in a row is harder than you'd think.

She's actually several inches longer than this at the time of posting, but my house has been ambushed by moving boxes and I'm not sure where my camera is.

Last night she grew quite a bit as I watched END:CIV, the documentary based on the book Endgame by Derrick Jensen.  My goal is to have her finished before the big move down South.  Life shawl.  Not that I'll need her in the sweltering southern heat, but it's more the idea anyways.  Now that graduation is over and everybody has scattered to the winds taking my social life with them, I should have some more time to work on her as well as some other yarn, art, and life projects that have been brewing.  Life transitions are easier when you can nuzzle yarn.

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