Sunday, April 21, 2013

Avocado Shells

About once a year I become enchanted (read: obsessed) with a food/flavor, usually a fruit or vegetable.  Past contenders have been the cherry tomato and asparagus.  This year's food is the avocado.  Here is one of my favorite ways to eat it, inspired by an Oberlin favorite dish:

Avocado Shells

.5 or 1 avocado
.5 pepper (red, green, or yellow depending on your mood.  I like green.)
.5 onion (red or yellow.  I like red....which are technically purple)
Mozzerella cheese (or whatever cheese you have hanging around)
2 medium-sized tortilla shells (I prefer whole wheat)

1.  Slice the onion and pepper.  For minimum onion-crying, put the onion in the freezer for a few minutes before you slice it---keeps the scent of the onion depressed long enough for you to chop it up.  Or wear contacts, that helps too.

2.  Saute the onion and pepper in oil until slightly limp.  Use the time while they are cooking to do the dishes (why are there always dishes?) and prepare the rest of the ingredients.

3.  Lay out your tortilla shells and sprinkle cheese on one half. (shredded, chunked, sliced...whatever is available). Slice the avocado and place on top of cheese.  I use half an avocado per shell, but I like avocado.

4.  Spoon the onion/pepper mixture on top of the avocado. (good opportunity to sprinkle more cheese here)    Another delicious addition at this point is black pepper.  Fold tortilla in half.

5.  Place the halves of the tortilla shell with all the tastiness on the skillet.  Let cheese melt and tortilla crisp. Flip on to other side.  Crisp.

6.  Devour.


Dean said...

Sounds delicious. I'll try it!

Ondrea said...

Enjoy! :)