Wednesday, April 24, 2013

For all the frazzled wedding peeps...

Today I made a hotel reservation for a friend's wedding.  I thought I should check on the hotel reservations for my own wedding since I was on a productivity roll and all.  My guest list had the potential for needing a wheelchair accessible room, so I had booked that one early in addition to my own just in case.  Thinking ahead and prepared for every guest, right?

Well, it turns out the wheelchair room is no longer needed and I couldn't remember if I had cancelled it. So I called to make sure because I didn't want my card charged.  Thinking ahead and prepared for every credit card bill, right? Only when I give my name and date range, there's nothing there....not even the reservation for myself and my groom.

So this means I have called the hotel five times.  Bless you, Best Western in Elyria, for being kind to a frazzled bride.  Because I'm pretty sure I have talked to the same person each time.

1.  To reserve special rates for the wedding guests.
2.  To book a wheelchair room in case there isn't one available later.
3.  To book my room.
4.  To cancel the wheelchair room (and they probably cancelled all reservations under my name)
5.  To cancel the wheelchair room, but instead find there are no reservations whatsoever to cancel and end up booking a room for myself.

And that, my friends, is the story of how I very nearly had to couch surf at my own destination wedding.

(Don't worry, I totes wrote down the confirmation number she gave me!!)

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