Sunday, July 21, 2013


tl:dr  I'm on Instagram as GesundheitArt.  It might be cheesy and I might be late to the trend, but it makes me happy!


It wasn't until I sorted through all my childhood paraphenalia that I realized how much my life revolved around photography as I was growing up.  It was a hobby that both family and friends embraced.  I spent many hours posing, taking, developing, and printing pictures.  To me it was a universal art that could be shared with everyone important, creating memories as well as preserving them.   It is the reason I now have 10+ boxes of photo albums detailing the first 18 years of my life.  I put the hobby on hold in college for lack of materials and a thirst to try new things, but I am nagged by this persistant desire to spend a whole month's rent on a droolworthy, digital SLR camera.

Of course, my inner Scrooge thinks this is a terrible idea.  A whole month's rent??  Do you know what you could DO with that money?  Pay the rent!  Geeze Louise.  You always procrastinated processing digital photos anyways.  Would you actually use the camera if you bought it?  If you really want to just post snapshots online, you can jolly well use Instagram.  It's FREE.

My Ego protested that Instagram was too popular and overdone and so not my thing before being whacked upside the head by the thought "Screw you Ego, why don't you want to be happy?"*

Ever since then I've been happily Instagramming away.  My joy was compounded when I started experimenting with hashtags (it pays to be easily amused sometimes).  It is not professional grade photography and a digital SLR is very likely still in my future, but this free app fills a need in my life I had forgotten about.  I like taking pictures.  At this moment in time I am in love with shapshots.  I like sharing the details I notice with other people.  Instagram is a way to do that, and the rent still gets paid.  Hooray!

*yes, window to my brain right here.

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