Saturday, September 7, 2013

There is probably a life lesson somewhere here

I was recently gifted a blender by Mudflap, who tends to adopt flotsam and jetsam of the material world and try to find a home for it.  I often pick up my phone to find a picture text with the caption: "Do you want this?"  It's kind of like a year-round Secret Santa, only more random.

The blender he turned up is a hardworking little machine.  It is a thing of beauty because it provides crushed ice for the Pirate and smoothies for me.  Yet I find myself running into the age-old problem: when I make a smoothie, I want to put EVERYTHING TASTY into it. I toss in whatever is in the fridge.  Spinach, flax seed, yougurt, orange juice, random fruit that needs eating.  This results in a smoothie bursting with nutrients, but perhaps not quite as delicious if I had restricted the ingredients.  This is a chronic pattern of behavior whenever I "build my own" food item.  Frozen yogurt, stir fry, sub sandwiches, salad bars. I pile my plate so full of delicious goods that the flavors run together and I end up not really tasting them at all.  I notice this with recipes too.  The fewer ingredients the recipe has, the tastier it is and the more I like it.  

Note to self: taste is not additive or exponential in nature.  Possibly with the exception of butter.

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